We live in a fragmented world. The pandemic has isolated us physically, mentally, and emotionally. The current political situation has created a mental, emotional, and spiritual chasm. 

We all feel fatigued and alone. We long to awaken something in ourselves and each other. 

  • the realization that we are connected
  • that if we are fatigued we don’t have to be fatigued alone, and we can nurture the spark in others so that there is an explosion of sparks
  • our indwelling creator spirit, the creative spark, a way of seeing the world through the eyes of an artist, to find beauty in the mundane, to shift our perception so that we can see the symmetry and beauty in the chaos 

Limen Place offers the space for people to be unapologetically themselves. A safe space to be who we are — to discover our why at the core and to live from that core. Our why is people need to feel safe.. 

People need a quiet place, a calm space, a judgment free zone. To create a place where we can discover exactly who we are. 

  • To be a place of respite, where we can unwind from all the frenzy in the world
  • To offer the space to get in touch with what is at our core without judgment
  • To be a place of support — an eye in the storm/an oasis in the desert
  • To recognize that it is okay to be wounded and that woundedness is part of the journey not the destination.
  • To offer women in the wisdom place the opportunity to live from their core — to define their core, to simply and complexly be themselves

At Limen Place, together we are striving to build…

Community through Presence – a place to be heard in a safe environment, away from the isolation and confusion of everyday life, to make sense of how we can live in the world, our world. We want to bring alive a commitment to being present – to ourself, to others, to the way the Sacred speaks in our life, and to Creation. 

Wisdom through Collectivity — a place to share our experiences without judgment, tap into collective wisdom, and learn other ways of navigating the turmoil. Within this place, we rediscover hope and find the sacred. Through wisdom we find connection to the sacred, the indwelling 

Creativity through Contemplation — a place to awaken our inner artist through finer art and crafty stuff. When we create, we reflect the  image of God as Creator. We learn to grow our inner artist in ways that support one another in ways that lead to personal and communal wholeness. 

Why? To make things, learn stuff, and be together — these are the most important things in life.


We believe that 

  • the spiritual life is first of a life 
  • boxes are for things not people


To offer the space for wisdom seekers and wisdom keepers to experience the Sacred creatively, contemplatively, and in community.


Following the spiral path to a deeper, more personal connection with the Sacred by tapping into the wisdom inherent in our body, mind, spirit, and heart. 


Wisdom | Contemplation | Humility  

Wisdom: to gain understanding through personal exploration based upon non-attachment, non-judgment, and non-violence 

Contemplation: to experience the extraordinary in the world through relationship with our self, others, the Sacred, and all of creation

Humility: to respond to the world with an understanding of gifts, skills, and talents without an inflated sense of self

Creativity | Intuition | Transcendence 

Creativity: to curiously explore our life experiences and courageously express them through visual and written arts

Intuition: to listen to our internal guidance, gain clarity around the messages, and act upon this guidance with certainty

Transcendence: to actively engage the mundane and extraordinary in our quest for relationship with the Sacred

Community | Hospitality | Unity

Community: to create and sustain a circle of wisdom seekers and wisdom keepers through contemplation, creativity, and communion 

Hospitality: to provide a welcoming space to explore personal experiences of contemplation, creativity, and community and to strengthen our connection to the Sacred

Unity: to join in community based upon a shared desire to become whole by strengthening our contemplative heart, connecting to our creative soul, and recognizing our limen space

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