Contemplative Hearth

Join us for Limen’s Place monthly Contemplative Hearth!

Come together in community to reset and renew our spirits. The Contemplative Hearth includes a guided meditation, reflection, sharing, and a call to contemplative action.

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month @6:30

Each month we join together to breathe deeply into our self, to ignite our sacred spark within, and to share that spark with those in our circle of pause.

Why join our Contemplative Hearth?

Life is busy. Sometimes we — you and I — forget to connect to our core. We get untethered. Stuff that shouldn’t bother us so much does. So, the contemplative pause is just that. If give us — you and I — a time out to recharge, reset, and reconnect to our self. We — Angie & Van — Limen Place really, understand that without community, strengthening our spiritual core is HARD! So, the Contemplative Hearth creates the supportive space of community.

What happens around the hearth?

Each monthly Contemplative Hearth uses contemplative practices and mindfulness techniques that provide different lenses of looking at yourself and the world. The hearth is a breath of fresh air, a thermal to ride. It’s not monastic seriousness! The hearth is space to explore and engage and just have mindful fun. It is an experience in which you learn about yourself and learn from others.

During the hearth:

  • Introduction to topic
  • Guided meditation
  • Reflection
  • Sharing
  • Call to action

Is the Contemplative Hearth for you?

Who knows unless you try! Click on the button below. Join us for a Pause. What do you have to lose?

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