Limen Place is a proud member of 1001 Worshiping Communities of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). We also are proud to have Highland Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY as our partner congregation. These organizations help us tremendously.

But we need your support, too!

Support from the people who know us and love us. If you appreciate what we are doing here at Limen Place, consider making a tax-deductible offer to help our cause. We dream of being a self-sustaining non-profit one day, and part of that comes from receiving donations from generous folks such as yourself.

Support Limen Place with a tax-deductible donation

Because we are sponsored by Highland, you make your tax-deductible donations to us by donating to Highland with Limen Place as the designated use of the funds. You can do that by clicking the image above or the button below and including your donation on the CITW – Designated – LIMEN PLACE line. See image below for details (sorry, it’s a complicated webpage):

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