Today we are fishing for people (Mark 1:14-20). This marks the beginning of Jesus’s ministry in Galilee, when he finds Simon and Andrew fishing and tells them to follow him, and he will make them fishers of people.

This painting is by contemporary artist Victor Bregeda, whose art can be found in the homes of Carlos Santana, Pink Floyd, and Stevie Nicks.

In Search of Truth. Victor Bregeda. Oil on Canvas.

This painting has a unique perspective which puts you at at water level, exposing separate scenes above and below. The scattering fish symbolize people that are yet to be found. The trompe l’oeil droplets painted on the canvas lure you into the picture.

Bregeda is a meta-realistic painter. From his website:

“Meta-realism can be viewed as a later Russian offshoot of surrealism with respect to the imaginative visual style. The key difference is that meta-realism primarily appeals to the superconscious – in Victor’s case strong God’s influence – while surrealism was heavily influenced by subconscious expression.”

Check out some of his other art! It’s pretty cool!

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