What is Limen Place?  A liminal space, a threshold where you can discover your truth and act from that knowing.  What does that even mean? 

Let’ start with liminal. What is the liminal and why do you want to be there? The liminal is an in-between space, a threshold, a place of transition. Have you ever been in a place where you are on the cusp of change? If so, you were in the liminal.

For me, those in-between spaces are places of great opportunity. We can shed the skin that doesn’t quite fit and begin to adjust to the new. In the liminal I may have an inkling of what transformations happening; but until I cross that threshold, I am never quite sure of what is just beyond that gate. 

So, Limen Place. We are a community in the threshold place. Within our community you can explore who you are creatively. We invite you to call forth your creative essence. Don’t consider yourself an artist? That’s okay. We are a judgment-free zone. You create for you. You create to better understand that spark within.

That spark within is your contemplative spirit. Don’t consider yourself contemplative? Would you like to develop a practice of being aware of the Sacred in your life? Then you are a contemplative. It really is that simple. Within this liminal space, learn mindfulness tools, create a contemplative practice — live in greater awareness. 

No one in this world should ever be siloed. We are meant to live in community. At Limen Place, we believe in the power of community. So whether that is 2 or 3 or 12 or more, we come together to support one another in creative, contemplative ways. 

Ready to be on the threshold between who you are and who are are becoming? Join us at Limen Place, a creative, contemplative community. 

Who is Van? 

In addition to being co-founder of Limen Place — a really cool, creative, contemplative community, she is an intuitive-coach-catalyst and a contemplative coach. She uses mindfulness practices and intuition tools to create strategies for navigating those scary places. 

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