Take a breath

Guided meditations are a wonderful way to step back, relax, and take a break in your day. Think of them as mini-retreats.

In Anticipation: Waiting To Be Reborn.

This meditation, featured in the March 2021 Contemplative Pause, focuses on the waning moon inside ourself. Ignite the sliver of potential that sparks the ember of your possibility waiting to be reborn.

Rooted in the Earth, Reaching for the Sacred

This meditation, featured in the April 2021 Contemplative Pause, invites you to connect with your Tree Spirit. Anchor yourself to the Earth and listen to the wisdom of your tree.

Breathe to the Rhythm of Ruah

This meditation featured in the May 2021 Contemplative Pause invites you to use the wings of Ruah to energize the seven sacred energy centers within our body.

Minding the Temple of Our Soul: Body Prayer

We pray with our words, with our thoughts, with our movements.  Our body is more than just a vehicle to get us from here to there. Our body is sacred space — the temple of our soul. Join us for gentle movement…a getting in touch with our body as a sacred vessel for life.

Finding Your Neutral, Creating Calm.

Do you find yourself getting upset? Instead of holding on to your calm, you react. Your connection to your spiritual core is weakened. This mediation creates strengthens your spiritual core.

Tonglen: A Compassion Prayer

Tonglen is a core practice for people who want to send and receive compassion. It awakens natural empathy.

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