Happy Sunday! Today’s art is from Luke 15:3-7, which includes the Parable of the Lost Sheep. In the parable Jesus asks “who among you wouldn’t leave 99 sheep to go out in search of the one you lost?”

You know what? Me. That’s who. I wouldn’t. In fact, if I had a hundred sheep, I don’t think I would even notice if one was lost. Come to think of it, how many of those people surrounding Jesus that day could even imagine owning 100 sheep, let alone would risk losing the other 99 by leaving them behind – in the WILDERNESS no less – to go out looking for that 100th? And seriously, to throw a party with your friends and neighbors over the ordeal?

But look at this wittle sheep’s face couldn’t you just die?!

The art I chose today is from a lesser-known artist. Someone for whom I had to really search hard to find his last name. I almost didn’t choose his painting because of it, but then it occurred to me. I SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW ACROSS THE INTERWEBS. For something as minor as the last name of a man who did a really nice painting of a sheep. So, rejoice with me that I found the name of the artist: Doron Lichtman, The Lost Sheep (2014).

And as you stare into the face of this lost sheep, maybe think about what you might have lost and not even realized it. When was the last time you took stock of what you have, and made sure it was all still there?

The Lost Sheep (2014) by Doron Lichtman

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