Treasuring the Darkness

I don’t know about you, but the passage into autumn always creates a shift in me. My interests shift more toward home and family, I suddenly start craving soups and anything made of apple or pumpkin, and I deepen my interest in art. But I also slowly start turning inward. As the days shorten and the darkness slowly begins to envelop our days more and more, the lure towards mystery, magic, and ritual stirs in my own soul. 

What does darkness mean for you? Do you find the darkness something to fear or to welcome? When you think of what happens in the dark, does your mind go toward the terrible or the wonderful? 

I am listening to this series called “The Treasures of Darkness” by Barbara Brown Taylor on the Ritual: Wellbeing app. The series is about befriending and…well…treasuring darkness. Each episode ends with a practice. One is to take a walk in the dark and just notice what you see, hear, smell, and feel. What emotions arise? What thoughts? Are there any shifts that happen as you continue to walk? 

There is a lot of beauty in the darkness. When was the last time you let darkness envelop you?

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