Well, I don’t know about you, but my 2022 is off to a rough start. More…a slow start. I was sick (but negative COVID test) and spent three straight days on the couch watching Harry Potter movies.

(I didn’t say the year was off to a BAD start per se…)

My word for the year is CREATE. Van’s is DARE.

I signed up for the Abbey of the Arts Give Me a Word 2022 retreat in December, which took me through exercises and activities that got me open to receiving my word. It came to me when I was signing up for a new marketing platform. In their onboarding video, they said that once we complete all the onboarding steps, we would get a free t-shirt that says “Create every day.”

And I literally got teary-eyed. I WANTED THAT SHIRT.

That’s how I knew my word found me.

If you don’t have a word for the year yet and want one, try using this meditation technique called “Emptying the Garbage” by Sonia Choquette:

  1. Look at and name three things in the room (this brings you to total present awareness)
  2. Deeply inhale and then exhale like blowing out candles (3x) (this helps you empty yourself)
  3. Deeply inhale and then exhale like AHHHHH (1x) (this shifts your awareness from your head to land in your body)
  4. Speaking out loud ask your question. In this case: WHAT IS MY WORD? (Speaking out loud gets yourself outside of your head)
  5. My Heart Says…well? What does it say?

You can also check out this website, which takes you through the process of finding your word. And it includes a quiz!

So, what is your word?

Then mark your calendar for our Contemplative Arts circle at 7pm on Monday January 24th, where we will do word art and share our words.

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